ibuyhaus Announces Free Lesson for Portland Homeowners on Using Hybrid Home Sales Model

The new lesson is part of a free educational platform for Oregon and Washington homeowners, and features Portland real estate broker Lauren Plant.

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PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, August 15, 2023 — ibuyhaus, a leading property investment company that specializes in buying houses for cash, today announced the publication of a new free lesson in its Fast Home Selling University (FHSU) program.

The lesson explains the growing “hybrid sales” real estate model, which combines the advantages of both quick cash sales and traditional agent listings. Deployed in Portland by property investor Dustin McGuirk of ibuyhaus.com and Portland real estate broker Lauren Plant, the method provides sellers with an immediate cash offer plus the option to list their property for its full market value on MLS and private buyer groups.

Especially relevant to home sellers in the Portland area, the lesson addresses frequent homeowner questions such as:

  • Why might a cash offer be lower than full market value?
  • Why would I choose to list my home with an agent instead of accepting a cash offer?
  • What are the advantages of cash offers?
  • How are cash home offers calculated?
  • How does the process of selling a home through an agent work?
  • Do I have to choose between the cash offer and agent listing immediately?
  • What should I consider when evaluating a cash offer?
  • Are there any obligations tied to the cash offer request?
  • Where can I get guidance and advice on which selling method is right for me?

The lesson provides two realistic scenarios to give clarity on the home-selling process, especially for properties located near Portland. The first example dives deep into the cash offer approach, emphasizing an older home’s potential market value in optimal condition versus an investor’s cash offer.

The second example shifts the focus to traditional realtor-driven sales. Here, the costs associated with property improvements are coupled with standard realtor fees and closing costs. These scenarios offer homeowners insight into the trade-offs between immediacy and potential profit, drawing a clear line between the streamlined process of cash selling and the lengthier, yet potentially more profitable, traditional realtor route.

The lesson also outlines a recommended three-step process to begin the home sale process. Initially, one should request a risk-free cash offer such as the one available at https://ibuyhaus.wpengine.com, which provides an immediate assessment based on the factual conditions and location of the property. This offer allows homeowners to gauge the trade-offs between immediacy and potential returns.

Next, it’s essential to evaluate the cash offer in the context of one’s personal situation and financial objectives. It’s worth asking whether the convenience of a swift sale outweighs the possibility of a higher sale price that might come after a lengthier process.

Finally, before making a decision, homeowners have the opportunity to consult with both the ibuyhaus team and Lauren Plant. Their combined expertise can offer valuable insights into the market and help sellers make an informed choice. Notably, this approach is very flexible because the initial cash offer comes without any binding commitments, ensuring homeowners can choose the route that best serves their interests.

Featured in the lesson is distinguished real estate broker Lauren Plant. Born in Portland and raised in Bend, Lauren has witnessed Oregon’s transformative growth, providing her with an innate understanding of local market dynamics and an extensive local network.

On her passion for real estate, Lauren comments, “I love being the trusted bridge between home sellers and their real estate goals. There’s a special moment when sellers close their deal; when they can finally smile, take a deep breath and move on with their life. That’s a heartfelt moment of success for me as well.”

About ibuyhaus:

ibuyhaus is a leading home-buying company in Oregon and Washington, known for offering fair cash offers to homeowners wanting a hassle-free and quick sale. The company prioritizes a seamless and efficient home selling process, from offer to closing, with a strong emphasis on transparency, fairness, and customer satisfaction. Contact ibuyhaus: https://ibuyhaus.wpengine.com or call: (503) 482-8693