How to Sell a House Quickly and For the Best Price Explained in New Course Lesson, Provided Free to Portland Homeowners

The new lesson is part of a free educational platform for Oregon and Washington homeowners and features Portland Realtor Paul Warren.ibuyhaus News
Portland, Oregon, December 15, 2023 – ibuyhaus, a top-rated real estate purchasing company in Oregon and Washington state, today announced an addition to its educational platform, Fast Home Selling University (FHSU). The latest lesson focuses on new methods to sell homes quickly in Oregon by using the hybrid selling model developed by ibuyhaus.

In a real estate market where homeowners often struggle to sell their homes quickly, this lesson offers an insightful guide on how to balance selling speed with profitability. Valuable input is provided by Portland Realtor Paul Warren and ibuyhaus’ own property investor expert, Dustin McGuirk.

Portland-area homeowners who are interested in selling their homes quickly are invited to view the lesson at

The new lesson includes answers to common questions such as:

Can I receive both a cash offer and an agent market listing?

What is a fair cash offer for a home?

Why might a cash offer be lower than the full market value?

What are the benefits of choosing an agent to list my home in Portland?

How do I decide between a cash offer and an agent listing?

How are cash offers for homes calculated, and what are their advantages?

What should I know about the process of selling a home through an agent?

Are there any obligations tied to requesting a cash offer?

The lesson includes two illustrative scenarios, providing clear insights into the process of fast home sales in Portland. The first focuses on the cash offer route, highlighting the considerations and calculations behind an investor’s offer for a home. The second scenario shifts the spotlight to the benefits of traditional realtor-driven sales, detailing the costs and potential profits involved.

A recommended three-step process for initiating a home sale is also outlined. It begins with a risk-free cash offer from ibuyhaus, ideal for homeowners looking to sell their home quickly in Portland. This is followed by a detailed evaluation of the offer, considering personal and financial circumstances. Lastly, the lesson encourages consultation with Dustin McGuirk and Paul Warren, combining their expertise to guide homeowners in making an informed choice.

Paul Warren, a Realtor in SW Washington and greater Portland area, commented, “Empowering homeowners with the knowledge to navigate the Portland real estate market is our primary aim in this lesson. We want to ensure they make choices that best suit their unique circumstances, especially when they’re under pressure to sell their home quickly.”

Dustin McGuirk, the real estate investor managing ibuyhaus, adds, “Our Fast Home Selling University series is designed to demystify the home selling process. This latest lesson is a vital resource for anyone in Oregon or Washington trying to learn how to sell their home efficiently, either quickly and without repairs, or with the help of a top real estate agent.”

This new lesson, part of the popular FHSU program, reaffirms the ibuyhaus commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive educational resources for homeowners in Portland and beyond.

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