Estate Monthly Magazine Announces Dustin McGuirk of ibuyhaus as Expert Contributor for New Interview

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PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, July 4, 2023 — Estate Monthly, a residential real estate publication, is proud to announce that Dustin McGuirk of has been selected and featured as an expert contributor in a new interview.

The interview is the latest in Estate Monthly’s “Real Estate Expert” interview series, which features expert opinion articles and interviews from recognized leaders in real estate, property management, and property investing across North America.

Dustin McGuirk is the owner and operator of ibuyhaus, a respected cash home buying company in Oregon and Washington. He has extensive experience in real estate investing, property development, and real estate financing.

In the interview, McGuirk shares his industry insider knowledge about the home buying process and his unique experiences within the industry. The article is designed to enrich readers’ understanding of the cash home buying sector and offer practical advice for those considering swift and economical property sales.

Highlights of the interview article include: Dustin McGuirk’s journey and passion in the real estate industry and why he chose to start ibuyhaus; the ethos of ibuyhaus regarding fairness and transparency in property dealings; how he determines the offer price for a house considering various factors like location, necessary repairs and recent selling prices of similar properties; the advantages of selling homes to cash home buying companies like ibuyhaus compared with the traditional agent model; the main situations where choosing ibuyhaus is a clearly better choice, including cases of divorce, foreclosure, probate, sudden relocations, or significant house problems; the absence of any fees or commissions when selling a house to ibuyhaus and the possibility of the company covering the closing costs; and, insider tips on how to deal with home-buying companies and avoid inflated initial offers.

The interview will be of interest primarily to homeowners considering selling their properties in Oregon and Washington. McGuirk’s detailed description of the process and his views on transparency and fairness can help potential sellers make informed decisions about the best way to proceed with their property sale.

Real estate investors and stakeholders may also find the interview enlightening, as McGuirk’s candid perspective gives a ground-level view of the opportunities and challenges in the cash home buying sector, offering potential insights for strategy and partnerships.

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ibuyhaus ( is a prominent home buying company in Oregon and Washington, recognized for offering fair cash offers to homeowners wanting a hassle-free and quick sale. The company prioritizes a seamless and efficient home selling process, from offer to closing, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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